Shower Steamer FAQ

What is a Shower Steamer?

Our Shower Steamers will turn your shower into an aromatherapy session. Unwrap your Shower Steamer, place it on your shower shelf or the floor away from the direct flow of water and allow the humidity of your shower to activate the menthol.

How do I use my Shower Steamer?


  1. Unwrap your Shower Steamer
  2. Place your Shower Steamer on your shower shelf and away from the direct flow of water
  3. The mist and humidity of your shower will activate your Shower Steamer
  4. Enjoy your Shower Steamer!

How long will my Shower Steamer last?

The longevity of your Shower Steamer is very dependent on how long you shower and how well you treat it. Your Shower Steamer can last for several showers if it is treated well. Please follow our Product Care recommendations to maximize the lifespan of your Shower Steamer.

Product Care:

  • avoid placing your Shower Steamer in a location where it will be hit directly by the flow of water from your shower
  • do not leave your Shower Steamer in standing water

What is my Shower Steamer made of?


Sodium bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Menthol, EO/FO blend (see your product for the specifics), Isopropyl Alcohol, Kaolin, Aqua (water)